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The 2019 catalog cover artist is painter Trowzers Akimbo

Throw a Rock Painting
“Throw a Rock…,” 40″ x 30″ acrylic on canvas painting by Trowzers Akimbo.

“Most major cities offer open artist’s studio weekends of one kind or another: the opportunity for art lovers to visit the artists in their habitat, view their latest work and talk with them about their creative process. With the Sierra Art Trails open studio event, however, you experience all this set against the pastoral backdrop which is the Sierra Nevada mountains. A marriage of nature and art.

I took advantage of this fact during my first participation in Art Trails back in the middle ‘90s. I lived and worked in a smaller space back then, my painting were all very large, so I displayed many of the largest ones by hanging them on the surrounding trees.

This literal relationship of art and nature led me to my concept for this years Sierra Art Trails catalog cover. My title, “Throw a Rock…,” speaks to the large number of working artists who call this area home.

I utilized a couple of approaches, in this painting, frequently part of my abstracted work. 1) Multiple viewpoint perspective, where each element is studied from multiple points of view, then combined into a single element. So, it’s common for an element, in my paintings, to include front, side and back views all at the same time. 2) I also used non-local color in this piece. Which is a fancy way of saying I painted elements any color I wanted. I used color to balance my composition, not necessarily to represent what was before me.

My path to fine art was a long and winding one. I’ve considered myself an artist since I was 5 or 6 years old, My mother is an artist, as was her father before her. So I received a lot of family support from the time I showed an aptitude.

Born and raised in the artist colony of Venice, CA, my K-12 education included some of the best art teachers in the nation. One pressed me to attend life drawing classes, on Saturdays, at Chouinard Art Institute (CalArts), while still in high school. I cooperated and after high school graduation, with the assistance of a scholarship, went on to earn my BFA from Chouinard’s.

I married Betty Tikker my first year in art school and by graduation we had a son. To support my young family, I worked as an illustrator/graphic designer of on-air television graphics and books and magazines, an animation director/designer of television commercials and an art director, creative director, chief executive officer and CEO in the computer game industry. My work in all fields brought numerous awards, an Emmy Award among them. I was fortunate to work with some very interesting clients (I created over 200 commercial segue artworks for the Tonight Show, starring Johnny Carson, The Gong Show logo, painted GoGo dancers for Laugh-In, illustrated monthly features for Sesame Street Workshop magazines and worked on game projects with Michael Crichton and Kurt Vonnegut).

I wanted to paint (fine art), during this time, but couldn’t settle on a personal direction. My illustration work was moving in a cubist direction and while painting directly on animation cells during the creation of my experimental film, Logo Interuptus, a light bulb illuminated. I had a direction for my painting!

I took the cubist, multiple viewpoint approach I was using in my illustrations as a design direction and painted in the manor, inspired by Wassily Kandinsky, I’d used when painting directly on animation cells in Logo Interuptus.”

More of my art can be found at Williams Gallery West and Gallery 5 and in Oakhurst, The Treetop Gallery in Mariposa and the Circle Gallery in Madera, California and on my website, www.trowzersakimbo.com.”

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17th annual Sierra Art Trails Open Studio Tour
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