About the Cover

The 2018 catalog cover artist is watercolor/pastel painter Carolyn Hartling.

Spring Runoff Image
“Spring Runoff” Watercolor by Carolyn Hartling

“Spring is my favorite season, with warming temperatures, the greening of the landscape and the appearance of new life. There was talk in the art community of beautiful wildflowers beginning to bloom in the foothills, so I set a date for a plein aire day with a friend near Yosemite National Park. We packed up our art supplies, cameras and other essentials and set out. We headed up Highway 49 and on to Highway 140 along the Merced River, heading for the Park. As we neared Hite Cove, we gave a collective gasp.

The surrounding hillsides revealed a rainbow of blooms. Small waterfalls and rivulets were running down the rock faces everywhere. As they joined they became larger, spilling over the boulders, creating their own music. It was enchantment!  My friend and I were set up and painting in minutes. My goal was to capture the array of colorsand the magic of the falls in my painting.

Most often I use dry pastels when I am plein aire painting. I like the convenience of not having the need of water or solvent.  Several hours and two partially completed paintings later, I was not satisfied with what I had painted, and it was time to head home.

It is not unusual for me to bring back my paintings, set them up in my studio, and wait a few days to see them with fresh eyes. After several days of scrutiny I decided to change course and out came my watercolors. All of the sensory input of that day came back to me, and as I started to paint, it was as if the painting was taking on a life of its own; flowing out onto the paper!

Carolyn Hartling Photo
Carolyn Hartling in her studio

I am originally from the Pacific Northwest and was raised in a musical family where appreciation of all the arts was encouraged. Like many other artists I recall spending hours drawing as a child. I also loved exploring the beaches and forests near where I lived

After relocating to Southern California with my husband, my education was acquired in fits and starts between raising a family and working. Originally a biology major, I eventually switched to the interior design field, obtained a degree and started my own interior design firm which I ran for eighteen years.

In 2000 my husband and I moved to the foothill community of Coarsegold, and I was able to focus seriously on my art work.

More of my art can be found at Timberline Art Gallery and Oakhurst Frameworks in Oakhurst, The Circle Gallery in Madera, California and on my website, www.carolynhartling.com.”

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