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The 2021 catalog cover artist is photographer Jerry Bosworth

Light and Mist Photo
“Light and Mist,” by Jerry Bosworth

The image, “Light and Mist”, is one of my many views of Yosemite from the grandeur of its icons to the intimacy of its trees, grasses and leaves.  I have traveled the high country and many of its trails, and have imprinted in my memory many of the things I have seen and felt.  I have tried to capture on film and now digitally some of these visions and feelings, often without success.  This image gives me hope that sometimes I can get close, however, no photograph can fully capture the experience and feelings of the trails, lakes, streams, trees, granite, peaks and valleys of Yosemite and the Sierra.

I have been interested in photography since taking a dark room class in the 8th grade. My primary interest is in landscape photography in Black and White.  I started using a 35 mm film camera, then 120 medium format and finally a 4×5 view camera.  I made my own prints in my darkroom on Ilford fiber based paper.  In 2008 I transitioned to digital capture and used a Leica M Monochrome camera when it became available.  Currently about 90% of my images are taken with a Leica M10 Monochrome camera.  The other 10% are taken with a Sony A7r4 when I need a longer tele-photo lens.  I make my own prints on an Epson P800 printer using traditional baryta photo paper.

Photo of Jerry Bosworth
Photographer Jerry Bosworth

I have been and am continually influenced by the work of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and Minor White.  I find great inspiration, pleasure and satisfaction in the process of photographing.  I see places and things in ways that would otherwise not be apparent to me without the stimulus of photography.  Freeman Patterson in his book “Photography and the Art of Seeing” said; “When you think sideways, you will find new ways to see your subject matter, and you will stumble upon discoveries and happy accidents.”  I try to think sideways and every once in a while,  I stumble upon discoveries and happy accidents that have meaning to me.

My photographs are available at Stellar Gallery in Oakhurst. www.stellargallery.com 559-658-8844

Jerry Bosworth

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