Sierra Art Trails Prospectus

Call for Participation – 18th Annual Sierra Art Trails, October 2th – 4th, 2020

 Artist’s Submission DeadlineMay 15th, 2020

Over the past 17 years, Sierra Art Trails has built a dedicated audience and a reputation for excellence. 

As an artist, there are many reasons to participate. Art Trails artists benefit from an extensive advertising campaign that includes radio, television, print media, and on-line exposure. Artists are featured in the tour catalog and included in the Preview Exhibit at Gallery Row in Oakhurst in September.

Since 2012 art sales have totaled between $100,000 to $130,000 annually.  Good sales are important, but the promotional exposure alone is worth the cost of participation.  Networking opportunities, collaborations with other artists, opportunities to exhibit at other venues, and post show sales often result from participation in Sierra Art Trails.

We are very proud of the support we receive from our advertisers and sponsors, including Valley PBS, Valley Public Radio, Visit Yosemite Madera County, K-Jewel Radio, Sierra Telephone, The Fresno Philharmonic, the Madera and Mariposa Art Councils, and many other businesses, organizations, and individuals that contribute to the event.  We believe it is this collaboration that leads to our success.

Sierra Art Trails 2020 – Participation Guidelines

Submission Requirements – Sierra Art Trails is open to visual artists and artisans working in many media including: painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, photography, printmaking, mixed media, papermaking, woodcarving, digital art, jewelry, textile arts, art glass and more. 

Location – Sierra Art Trails takes place in artists’ studios, homes, art galleries, and businesses throughout Eastern Madera and Mariposa Counties in Central California.  Participating communities include Bass Lake, Coarsegold, Mariposa, Oakhurst, North Fork, Yosemite Lakes Park, and communities along Highway 49 from Ahwahnee to Mariposa. 

All locations (show sites) are subject to approval by the Art Trails planning committee.
Show Site Guidelines are available at

Who Can Apply? Sierra Art Trails is open to both local artists and artists from outside the area.  Artists with homes and / or studios located in Eastern Madera and Mariposa Counties are encouraged to show in their home studios, and to share their show sites with others.  If you are not sure if your venue qualifies, please call or email for confirmation.  Up to five participating artists can show at home / studio venues.  Commercial, retail or other public venues are limited to three.

Artists from Outside the Area – If you live outside the area and are considering applying, we have provided some additional information that may help you decide whether to participate.

Please review the information provided at

First consideration is given to artists living in the area, but the show is open to other artists, regardless of where they live. The planning committee will work with outside artists to help them find a location to show their work.  PLEASE NOTE – The number of artists from outside the area is limited to 25% of all exhibiting artists, so there is a chance that outside artists will not be accepted if this quota is filled.

Artists MUST be Present to Participate – Artists must be present at their show sites from 10am to 6pm, both Saturday Oct. 3rd and Sunday Oct. 4th.  Artists who are unable to participate for the full hours of the show should not apply.  Friday Oct. 2nd is optional.

Artists must indicate on their application if they will be showing on Friday.  This information will be included in the catalog.

Demonstrations and Visitor Engagement –  One of our goals as an organization is to educate the public about the creative process and the importance of art in our culture. In addition to displaying and selling their work, participating artists are expected to demonstrate aspects of their process. Information and scheduling for time-specific demos (like a kiln opening or bronze pour) will be included in the tour catalog or addendum.

The Jury Process – Submissions are juried by a panel of art professionals to insure a high level of quality in the work offered during the event. The jury is composed of artists, art educators and curators, and varies from year to year. Artists will be contacted by email after the jury convenes.

Display of works by non-participants –  Participation by artists who are not officially entered in Sierra Art Trails is NOT ALLOWED at any official show site during the event weekend without explicit consent from Sierra Art Trails, with the exception of art galleries and other retail locations as described below.  Violation of this rule will result in artists and/or venues being disqualified from future participation in Sierra Art Trails.

Galleries and Retail Locations – In the case of art galleries and other retail locations, artwork or merchandise that would typically be available to the public at the location can be displayed and sold, but the featured artist or artists participating in Sierra Art Trails must be given special consideration, with ample display space provided to exhibit their work, and must be the focus of activity at the venue for the event weekend. Site Guidelines are available at

Alcohol – Alcoholic beverages may not be served to the public at show sites during the official hours of the event, 10 am to 6 pm, Friday October 2nd through Sunday October 4th, 2020. Venues with a California liquor license are exempt from this regulation, subject to review by the planning committee.

Seller’s Permits – Artists are responsible for collecting sales tax on work sold during the show, and must obtain or have access to a California seller’s permit to legally sell artwork during the event. Artists interested in obtaining a temporary permit should contact the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration at 1-800-400-7115 or on the Internet at

The Preview Exhibit –  The Preview Exhibit features representative works by each artist in the show will be displayed at Gallery Row in Oakhurst from September 5th through October 4th.

Participating artists MUST submit one original work for the Preview Exhibit.  Reproductions will not be accepted for the exhibit. All works submitted to the Preview Exhibit must be presented in a professional manner, and are subject to the approval of the gallery curator. The Gallery collects a 30% commission on works sold during the Preview Exhibit.

The Sierra Art Trails Catalog – The price of admission for the show is $20 for two adults, and includes the Sierra Art Trails catalog. The catalog includes a directory of participating artists, information on attending the show, and maps that guide visitors to the locations of show sites. Visitors create their own agenda based on the artists they want to see, and tour the various show sites during the hours of the event. All participating artists and advertisers receive a complimentary catalog. All participating artists receive a half page listing in the catalog.

Cost – The total cost to participate as an artist in Sierra Art Trails is $150.00

$25.00 jury fee submitted with the application. The Jury fee is non-refundable.
$125.00 entry fee due upon notification of acceptance – Entry Fee must be received by June 15

Early Withdrawal If you need to withdraw after notification of acceptance, you must notify Sierra Art Trails by June 21st  to receive a refund.  Entry fee is non-refundable after June 21st.

SIERRA ART TRAILS 2020 TIMELINE  Please keep this timeline for your records!

$125.00 PARTICIPATION FEE DUE – June 15th 

Deliver Artwork – Tuesday & Wednesday September 1st and 2nd, 11 am to 5 pm
Show Opens to the Public – Saturday, September 5th
Preview Exhibit Reception – Saturday, September 12th, 4 pm to 8 pm
Show Closes – 6 PM on Sunday, October 4th
Retrieve Artwork – Monday & Tuesday, October 5th & 6th, 11 am to 5 pm

SIERRA ART TRAILSFriday, October 2nd through Sunday, October 4th – 10 am to 6 pm

Sierra Art Trails is a 501(c)(4) Non-Profit Organization
“Our mission is to promote working artists and artisans, support the visual arts and art education, and to benefit our communities by building a reputation for our region as an arts destination.”

Sierra Art Trails, PO Box 3045, Oakhurst, CA 93644
Stellar Gallery 40982 Hwy 41, Suite 1, Oakhurst, CA 93644

QUESTIONS?  call or email: 559-658-8844     email:

Sierra Art Trails 2020 Participation and Liability Agreement

Submission to the exhibit constitutes:

Agreement to the terms and conditions included in this prospectus, and that acceptance into Sierra Art Trails holds the applicant responsible to abide by these guidelines. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from participation in Sierra Art Trails.

Agreement to give permission for images of submitted works to be used by Sierra Art Trails for publicity purposes, in printed or electronic form, for the purpose of promoting Sierra Art Trails exhibits, events,  and other activities.

Agreement to indemnify and hold Sierra Art Trails Inc, its board of directors, employees, and volunteers harmless against any claim, demands, damages, fees, costs, and actions of any kind asserted by or on behalf of any third person(s) arising from participation in Sierra Art Trails.

Agreement to hold Sierra Art Trails Inc. or any other sponsoring agency, employee or volunteer harmless for loss or damage to artworks displayed at the Preview Exhibit, at other venues, or during transport.  Artists wishing to insure their work should contact their insurance agents.

Sierra Art Trails 2020 Application – Submission Instructions

We are using SmarterEntry for the application process.
The application is available on the web at:

This Prospectus contains valuable information that will make the application process easier for you.  SmarterEntry has detailed help as well. Please follow the steps below, and read the on-line application instructions carefully.

Based on our past experience, there are a few things about the process that may be confusing.

1) You must pay the $25 application fee first, BEFORE you fill out the application. 
2) You must upload your required documents (artist statement and bio) BEFORE you can upload your images.
3)  Once you have completed the application, you can login at any time if you want to make corrections or change images, until the application deadline.
4) SmarterEntry does not send notification when you have completed your application. Do not expect it.

Here we go! Follow these steps to apply…

  1. If this is the first time you are submitting to a competition managed by SmarterEntry, you must create a new profile. Click on the START HERE button to create your profile. Fill out all relevant fields and select SUBMIT.

    Please note: If you want a website address, Facebook page, or blog listed in the Art Trails catalog, you should enter it in the WEBSITE field of your profile.

    If you already have a SmarterEntry profile, enter your user ID and password, and select SUBMIT to proceed to the next step.

  2. The MY ACCOUNT page will appear. Under Available Competitions, choose Sierra Art Trails 2020, and the short description of the exhibit will appear. Select the competition by clicking on the check-box next to the name, then click on CONTINUE.
  3. The PAYMENT / CHECKOUT form will appear. Fill out the payment form. READ the Participation and Liability Statement at the bottom, and click on the I AGREE checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions for participation. Click CONTINUE to pay the $25 application fee. This fee is non-refundable. Artists who are accepted must pay the $125 balance by June 15th 2020.
  4. Your payment receipt will appear. Select RETURN TO YOUR ACCOUNT PAGE TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES to continue.
  5. Your Account page will appear. Select SUBMIT NEW ENTRIES.
  6. The Entry Manager page will appear. Enter five images of current work (created in the past 24 months). Artwork that has already been sold should not be included.

IMPORTANT… Under SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY there are two sections.

The top section contains information related to each image.  CHOOSE FILE allows you to select your image for upload. ADDITIONAL NOTES allows you to enter details about your piece that you want to share. USE IN ART TRAILS CATALOG indicates which image you want included in the Art Trails catalog.

The bottom section is for important information to be included in the Art Trails catalog. Enter this information once, and only make changes if the information is incorrect.  This info will change for ALL IMAGES, if you change it at any time.

Show Site Information – Enter your Show Site Description using the following format.

If you plan to exhibit at:

  • Your own home or studio – Enter “Home Studio”
  • Someone else’s studio – Enter “__________ Home Studio” (example: Franka Gabler Home Studio)
  • A business or other public venue – Enter the name of the business or location.
  • (example: Idle Hour Winery) followed by the Address (Street, City, Zip Code, contact phone #).
  • Enter “I Need Help” in the SHOW SITE DESCRIPTION field if you need help finding a show site.
  1. Exhibiting on Friday? – Showing on Friday is optional. Are you planning to show on Friday, October 2nd? (Enter “yes” or “no”)
  2. Short Artist Statement – Enter a brief artist’s statement for inclusion in the Art Trails Catalog (350 characters or less).
  3. A longer artist statement is ALSO required to complete your application. Your statement should tell us a bit about your work, technique, approach, philosophy and / or history as an artist. To upload your statement, select UPLOAD/EDIT DOCUMENTS and follow the instructions. You can also upload a bio or additional information you would like to be reviewed. You may include other materials, such as a list of exhibitions, or articles related to your work. These materials are not required, but may be helpful for the jury, and for advertising and promotion.

Download a PDF of this prospectus.

Questions? email or call 559-658-8844.  The deadline for application is May 15th, 2020.