How does it work?

Visitors pay an admission price of $25.00 for two adults to all Art Trails venues.  The price of admission includes the annual SAT catalog, which acts as a “ticket for two” for the event weekend. The catalog includes a list of participating artists and maps to the locations of artists’ studios, galleries, and other viewing locations throughout the area.

Signs are placed throughout the region.  Large signs are placed by the planning committee at key intersections.  Small signs are placed by the artists along the various routes, guiding visitors to their  locations.

CLICK HERE for in depth signage guidelines. CLICK HERE for a printable PDF.

Artists must be present at their locations on the days they are signed up for from 10 am to 5 pm. The dates each artist will be exhibiting is indicated in the catalog.

Visitors plan their own agenda, tour the area, and visit the artists’ viewing locations.  One of the most disappointing things for a visitor is to arrive at a site during the official hours of the show, and find no-one there.  If you are unable to participate for the full hours of the event, please do not apply.

Barb Ezell Photo
Photograph by Barb Ezell