2021 Artists

Trowzers Akimbo
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Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor & Pastel Painting

Vivian Helena

Textile Arts / Gourds /

Betty Berk
Oil Painting

Jonathan Bock
Printmaking, Photography, Computer art

Susan Bolen
Painting, Mixed Media

Ginny Burdick

Franka Mlikota Gabler

Charlotte Hoffman
Pastel Painting

David Hoffman
Fine Art Photography

Norma Rogers
Photography / Sculpture

Kerby Smith
Photography / Fiber Arts

Lura Schwarz Smith
Fiber Arts

Merylyn Whited

Zygmund Zee
Photography / Digital Art


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Fractal Beauty IV Photo
Photograph by Zygmund Zee – “I love the way the Earth can morph ordinary rock and mineral, over geologic time and pressure, into beautiful fractal designs. The black backgrounds emphasize the timeless beauty of the Earth’s art. I capture this beauty in the cabochons I photograph.”

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