Sierra Art Trails Show Site Guidelines

Support the Arts by hosting an artist for Sierra Art Trails!

Show Sites for the Sierra Art Trails Open Studio Tour are chosen in one of two ways.

1)  Artists who enter the show submit their preferred site with their application.  The number of artists who can show at a single site is limited to three artists at commercial / business / public locations, and five artists at home studio locations.  Working artist’s studios are preferred, but many diverse locations will be considered, from kitchen tables, back porches, or living rooms to outdoor gardens; from home studios to local businesses, historic sites, art galleries, and other public or private venues.

2)  Artists who enter the show request help finding a show site, and the planning committee works with them to find a place to show with other artists, or at locations that have been offered by local businesses, organizations, or individuals.

All locations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine their suitability as an Art Trails Show Site.  There is no guarantee that a site will be accepted. All sites are reviewed by the planning committee, and are ultimately chosen (or not) by the individual artists participating in the show.

Businesses, organizations, or individuals that are interested in hosting an artist can submit a request for a location to be considered as an Art Trails site. The location is reviewed by our planning committee and, if approved, added to our list of available sites participating artists can choose from.

When an artist comes to the committee requesting help finding a site, the committee will work with them to help them choose an appropriate site to show their work.  The Art Trails committee does not place artists at viewing locations, but will work with artists who request it to help them choose a suitable location.  The ultimate decision of where to show is made by the participating artist and the host venue.

Site Requirements – Artists come first!

When submitting or offering a location as a potential Art Trails site, it is important to remember that the focus of Sierra Art Trails is on individual artists, not on businesses, groups, or organizations.  Galleries, businesses, and other approved sites are expected to “feature” the artist or artists showing at the venue for the event weekend.  Featured artists are expected to be the “main attraction” at any viewing location. Artists must receive ample space to exhibit their work during the event, and any other support the host at the location can offer, (such as tables, fixtures, volunteer assistance, promotional support, food contributions, access to electricity, water, etc.)

Sites of other events, festivals, or activities taking place on the Art Trails weekend will be considered by the planning committee as Art Trails sites, but will not be accepted if it is determined that an event or activity will detract from the Art Trails experience for the public or participating artists.  The goal of Art Trails is to draw the art buying public to the artist’s locations, NOT to other events or activities.

Artists who are not officially entered in Sierra Art Trails cannot be featured at a Show Site during the event weekend.  In the case of art galleries or other retail locations, it is acceptable that other artwork or merchandise is sold that would typically be available at the location, HOWEVER the featured artist or artists must be given special consideration, and MUST be the focus of activity for the event weekend.

While Sierra Art Trails takes no commission on sales during the show ( with the exception of works sold from the Preview Exhibit ), it is understood that artists who elect to show at art galleries or other businesses have individual agreements with the venue which may involve commissions on sales of work sold at their location.

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