Sierra Art Trails Student Sponsorship Program

Lauren Reist PhotoSupport the Arts by sponsoring a young artist! Join a dedicated group of citizens committed to the arts and to the future of our communities.

Sierra Art Trails (SAT) is a 501c4 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting working artists and artisans by promoting their work, fostering the visual arts and art education in our area, and benefiting our communities by establishing a reputation for the region as an arts destination.

Each year, SAT produces the Sierra Art Trails Open Studio Tour and a number of other unique art exhibits and art related events.  Art Trails raises funds for student scholarships, public arts, and awards for artists and art organizations.  Through these activities we seek to increase public awareness of the importance of the arts in our lives, and the role that artists play in building a vibrant culture.

Sierra Art Trails offers a number of student sponsorships each year, giving promising art students an opportunity to participate in the SAT Open Studio Tour free of charge.  The sponsorship program is open to students at grade levels 3 through 12.  The program offers young artists who exhibit exceptional talent or aptitude an inside look at what it takes to succeed as a working artist or artisan.  The program was created to inspire and educate promising young artists by including them in a professional art event.

Students who apply require a mentor to guide them through the application process. Parents, teachers, or friends can volunteer to mentor a student. Many students are sponsored by other artists participating in the show. Students fill out the application and follow application guidelines just like any other artist applying for the show.  Mentors are responsible for helping students who are accepted prepare their work and their show site for the event.

The number of sponsorships offered each year is determined by contributions received for the program.  For every $200.00 received from our donors, Sierra Art Trails  is able to sponsor one student.  Students selected for sponsorship have their SAT participation fees waved, and are entered in the show as a full participant.  Each sponsored student also receives a $100.00 award for art supplies.

 For more information, or to make a donation call 559-658-8844 or email:

To donate via Paypal, follow the link below. Any amount is appreciated. Sponsors receive special benefits based on their level of sponsorship.

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